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BusinessBreakfast | Social Media (engl. sprachiger Vortrag)
18.07.2017, 09:30h

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Start with us in the day when it says "Social media - How to make believe in the impossible, sell the unsellable and change the world".

“Give me a mass medium and you’ll believe that I have moved the world”.

Social media as a tool of influence. How many friends on your list of contacts have you met at least once in your life? And whom have you met more often than once in several months? About whom do you know more than a photo on the webpage, common friends and interests? Okay, let’s come at it from a different angle: what has suggested an idea to you that a certain person and this person’s subjective opinion are right? What number of followers can convince you of rightness of an individual?

Opinion leaders – creation and promotion, opinion leaders as a tool of influence and formation of public opinion. The audience of a periodical of limited circulation of a small town is about 10,000 people, of a TV channel – from 30,000 to 50,000. The audience of an Instagram blogger of little importance is 25,000 people, of an influential one - 100,000. If you have over 1,000,000 followers, then you form public opinion on the continents. It is possible to reach such a quantity over the period of 6-12 months on average.

Marketing of a product, regardless of its quality, reputation and usefulness. One person, a potential audience of 1,000,000, is this person able to attract your attention? And if you have not made personal acquaintance with this individual? Compare it to your personal statistics of those whom you have met in person from your contact network in social media. And what if this person draws attention not to a product or a service but to a problem, for example? Or to a point of view?

Fake news and Formation of public opinion, how to persuade the majority and make believe. When a little known person talks about something, it cannot change the world but when this person finds support in the minds of people around and when these people around surround you, you can doubt, stop believing and see a new reality. Do you assume it to be a feature of human consciousness? By no means, it is the algorithm of information output of the largest social networks.

Trends in the information warfare.The value of an individual from the point of view of accessibility for an information transfer 30 years ago, 15 years ago and now differs by 
a factor of ten. Information presented in a right manner and with the use of correct tools can surround an individual and pass from the subjective reality into the objective plane within few hours. The methods of quality assessment of information and the sources have transformed beyond recognition, the way people analyze and consume information remained mostly the same.   

If we want to become part of the information future, we should learn to protect ourselves and use the media of the XXI century for our own benefit; otherwise the media will use us for their own.

Main point of the discussion, How to produce fake information, introduce it into a mass mind and exert impact, from consumer goods sales to the policy at the state level, by means of social media. Why does it stem from Eastern Europe?  

Speaker: Mr. Aleksandr Stankevych (Director) von PI-Minds

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