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Reaching Your Goals through Networking

Become a member of Hamburg@work! We’re a good match. 


Corporate and Freelancer Memberships 

  • Corporate memberships for affiliated companies, corporations and financial service companies
  • Regular memberships for SMEs
  • Reduced memberships for very small businesses
  • Memberships for self-employed and freelancers
  • Startup memberships based on fee ramp


Individual Memberships 

  • Individual memberships for persons without corporate affiliations
  • Student memberships



Membership card with executive status and invitations to CXO events for the management teams of member companies.


Regular membership card for employees of member companies and for individual memberships. 


Uwe Jens Neumann 
Chairman of the Board


Hamburg@work e.V.
Im Gausshof
Gaussstraße 136
22765 Hamburg


Tel. + 49 (0)40 8000 463-0 

Partners of Hamburg@work